BOC - Store Phone ATA Guide

Store Phone ATA Guide (see attached 2 photos and 1 video)

  1. The store phone wiring connects to Grandstream ATA line 1 (FXS 1). The grill phone connects to Grandstream ATA line 2 (FXS 2).
    1. No outside telco line should be connected to the inside phone wiring.
    2. Only the alarm and store equipment should be connected to an outside phone line (telco line 2).
  2. The ATA will have three steady blue LED lights (four for stores with Grills) when registered and all phones are on-hook.
    1. Incoming calls will ring the phone up to 10 rings, then play a 'no voicemail setup' message before hanging up. This will also occur if the ATA is unregistered or if a phone is off the hook.
    2. While the phone is ringing, all ATA lights will remain steady.
    3. If the ATA is not registered or powered off, incoming calls will go straight to the main number 505-884-2040.
  3. The ATA phone LED light will steadily blink while a phone is off-hook (see attached video).
    1. While a phone is off-hook and before dialing is complete:
      1. Incoming calls will go straight to the 'no voicemail setup' message and hang up.
      2. No other phones will be able to dial out while another phone is off-hook on the same line.
    2. After a call is connected, a 2nd incoming call will beep; press talk/flash to answer (this will put the first call on-hold).
    3. If the dialed number is not correct for any reason, a fast busy signal will be heard.
      1. 7 digit, 10 digit, and 11 digit dialing should work, with or without first dialing a 9.
  4. Troubleshooting
    1. To make sure that calls are hitting the store, log into 3CX and view Number of calls in use on the Dashboard, then check the Call Log to make sure that calls are making it to the store by searching for the extension.
      Calls in use:
      Call Log:
    2. Make sure the inside phone wiring is not connected to any outside telco line; it should go straight to the ATA.
    3. Power cycle the store phone base and make sure all phones are on-hook.
    4. Verify the line running from the ATA to the main phone is working by plugging the emergency phone into the line and making a test outbound call. Perform a second test by calling the store line.
    5. Log into the ATA (instructions below) and on the main page verify the following:
      1. Under Port Status, any port that shows a user ID is On Hook and Registered
      2. Power cycle the ATA by navigating to Advance Settings, scroll to the bottom and click Reboot. All three or four LED lights should be solid when ready
  5. Logging into the ATA
    1. In 3CX click on Phones and search for the extension. The IP address is the IP address for the ATA
    2. While still in 3CX, click on Advanced -> FXS/DECT and search for the extension, then click on the device
    3. The username for the ATA device is "admin" and the Device Web Page Password is the password. Click on the eye to view it.

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